Shazia Akbar Ansari, Sofia Ali Syed, Fauzia Quadir, Kashif Aslam.
Effect of 1% Metronidazole Gel as an Adjunct to Subgingival Scaling in the Treatment of Periodontitis.
J Pak Dent Assoc May ;26(3):123-8.

Background: Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory condition confined to periodontium. Antibiotics have been suggested in conjunction with scaling and root planning for the treatment of periodontitis. Systemic antibiotics are biologically active substances that can lead to side effects of various intensities. The undesirable side effects can be minimized by locally administering drugs at the site of infection. Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare clinical effects of topical application of metronidazole gel (1%) in periodontal pockets as an adjunct to scaling and root planning in chronic periodontitis. Materials and Methods: This randomized split mouth study was conducted in the Department of Periodontology at Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Karachi after its approval from the ethical committee. Hundred (100) voluntary patients with diagnosed cases of chronic periodontitis aged 25-50 years (66 males and 34 females) were included in the study. Written informed consent was obtained from enrolled patients. Patients' quadrants were divided into two treatment groups. Group 1 received SRP alone and Group 2 received 1% metronidazole gel after SRP. The data was analyzed by SPSS 20. Descriptive and Wilcoxon signed rank non parametric test was used to draw statistical values. Results: The mean reduction of probing pocket depth at day 180 was 1.16 mm and 1.98 mm in scaling alone and scaling + metronidazole gel respectively. Similarly the mean gain of clinical attachment at day 180 was 1.49 mm and 2.7 mm in scaling and scaling + metronidazole gel groups respectively. The mean depth at which bleeding on probing could be elicited was reduced to 0.12 mm in scaling alone group and 0.52 mm in scaling + metronidazole gel group. The oral hygiene index was significantly improved in scaling alone (1.7) group and scaling + metronidazole gel group. Conclusion: Local metronidazole gel application is clinically effective as an adjunct to scaling and root planning (SRP) in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. KEYWORDS: Periodontitis, metronidazole gel, probing pocket depth, scaling and root planning (SRP).

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