Fahad Qiam, Muslim Khan.
Self Reported Competency of Minor Oral Surgery Amongst Final Year BDS Students and House Officers.
J Pak Dent Assoc Jan ;26(3):101-6.

Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the self reported confidence regarding minor oral surgery competencies amongst final year BDS students and house officers. Methodology: This cross sectional analytical study was carried out amongst final year BDS students and house officers. One hundred and fifty customized questionnaires were distributed which assessed their self reported confidence in 25 competencies. These 25 competencies were divided into knowledge (10 items), skill (11 items) and attitude (4 items). Confidence was rated using a 4 point Likert scale (1 = No confidence, 2 = Little confidence, 3 = Confident, 4 = Very confident). Mean scores plus standard deviation for each competency were calculated and stratified among the sample group (Final year BDS students versus House officers). The Pearson chi square test was used to assess the level of significance, between the confidence scores reported by final year BDS students and house officers (critical p-value <0.05). Results: One hundred and seventeen proformas were returned. The highest scoring knowledge based competency among final year BDS students and house officers was knowledge of forceps and elevators whereas the lowest scored competency was medico-legal aspects for both groups. House officers outscored final year BDS students in every skill and attitude based competency and showed statistically significant improvement in 8 out of 25 competencies overall. Conclusion: It is concluded that house officers are more confident than final year students regarding almost all minor oral surgery competencies. KEYWORDS: Oral surgery, Competence, Undergraduate, Tooth extraction.

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