Shahzad Ali Jiskani, Aliena Sohail, Lubna Naseem, Asfa Zawar, Humaira Rizwan, Sundas Ali, Sarah Jamal, Asma Mustafa, Maryam Zulfiqar, Bushra Anam Ali.
Clinico - hematological profile of hepatosplenomegaly in pediatric population based on bone marrow biopsy.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;29(2):37-9.

Objective:To discover various etiological causes of hepatosplenomegaly in pediatric patients by bone marrow biopsy. Material and Methods:Prospective study performed at Department of Pathology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad, for a period of 1 year. Total of 910 bone marrow biopsies were performed, out of which 240 patients had hepatosplenomegaly. Out of 240, 118 were in pediatric age group (<12 years). Hepatosplenomegaly was confirmed by clinical examination and ultrasound abdomen. All patients underwent bone marrow biopsy to evaluate actual etiology. Results:A total of 910 bone marrow biopsies were performed in one year (2017). Out of those, 240 (26.37%) had hepatosplenomegaly. Out of 240 patients, 122 (50.83%) were adults and 118 (49.16%) were children. Female to male ratio was high (1.22:1). Most common condition associated with hepatosplenomegaly was infection (27.96%), followed by reactive causes (17.79%), hypersplenism (14.40%), lipid storage disorders (10.16%), visceral leishmaniasis (10.16%), acute lymphoblastic leukemia (7.62%), underlying chronic disease (5.93%), lymphoma (5.93%) and lymphoproliferative disease (1.69%). Conclusion:Hepatosplenomegaly is a common entity in pediatric age population. Infectious causes were found to be associated with hepatosplenomegaly in children. Key Words:Hepatosplenomegaly, Pediatric, Bone marrow biopsy, Infection.

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