Mohammad Javaid, Mahid Iqbal, Hidayatullah, Javaid Iqbal Shah.
Myringoplasty, Onlay versus Underlay technique.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;16(2):174-7.

This is a retrospective study of sixty patients to compare the results of onlay and underlay techniques of myringoplasty for the closure of subtotal tympanic membrane perforation. Thirty three (33) patients underwent myringoplasty by onlay and twenty seven (27) by underlay technique. The graft taken rate for underlay technique was better than that for onlay technique. Similarly, the underlay technique gave better hearing results post operatively. The degree of post operative high frequency sensorineural hearing loss was greater with the onlay technique. Postoperative complications such as retraction of anterior angle, medial prolapse of graft and squamous epithelial pearl formation were not reported with the underlay technique.

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