Nusrat Mujtaba, Khan Usmanghani, Subia Jameel, Fatima Qamar, Maria Ayub.
Anxiolytic and CNS Depressant Effects of Aurum Mettalicum by Neuropharmacological Screening.
RADS J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci Jan ;6(1):59-66.

Background The modern available drug therapy is remarkable undoubtedly, but people still convinced to use traditional drugs for different disease condition. In Pakistan, Now a day’s homeopathy is accepted worldwide due to its safe therapeutic profile due to minimal adverse reaction associated with homeopathic medicine system. Objective:This study aims to evaluate neuropharmacological effects of Aurum metallicum over psychological behaviors. Methodology:  Its anxiolytic activity was checked by head dip, stationary rod and light & dark box. Force swim test showed antidepressants potential of tested drug. Result: Aurum metallicum showed more time spent in light compartment as compare to control demonstrated good anxiolytic activity of Aurum Metallicum. It showed significant anxiolytic activity after 21 days in comparison with control and standard group in head dip cage method. It also showed highly significant antidepressant activity after 21 days dosing in comparison with control in force swim test. Aurum metallicum showed significant increase in grooming behavior, righting reflex, touching sensation, pina and corneal reflex. While salivation, lacrimation, defecation and urination was normal in treated group. Conclusion: The present study concluded that the Aurum metallicum is a gold compound has significant antidepressant activity and anxiolytic activity.

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