Hina Rehman, Zeeshan Ahmed Shaikh, Safila Naveed, Muhammad Ibrar Shinwari, Khan Usmanghani.
Evaluation of Efficacy and Toxicity of Poly Herbal Lozenges in Experimental Animals.
RADS J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci Jan ;6(1):22-32.

Objective: The study focused on efficacy and toxicity of poly herbal Linkus lozenges in experimental animal. Methodology: The Acute toxicity test for Linkus lozenges was performed on Albino rats Strain Haffkine with both Sex ratio 1:1.Weight was between 150 – 250 g and ages were 4 – 6 months.0.21 g / kg is the therapeutic dose of the preparation. The morphological examination of organs and estimation of biochemical parameters were assessed for acute and chronic testing. Recommended adult dose was 15 g/day, Dose /kg of body weight was 0.21 g/kg however the therapeutic dose of the preparation was20 (4g/kg) and was tested for chronic toxicity. Housed condition was 25˚C ± 1˚C and 12 h dark/light cycle and food at labitium. In all animals, the drug was administered orally at the dose of 4 g/kg. The animals were kept for acute and chronic toxicity under observation for 2 month and 48 hrs. Results: No changes in elements of respiratory cardiovascular focal sensory system, gastrointestinal and excretory framework were seen. Average values of different biochemical parameters in test groups were comparable to average values of respective biochemical parameters in control group of animals and found satisfactory however no mortality and abnormality were observed. Conclusion: No mortality and no abnormality were seen in Linkus lozenges and suggested to be the safe choice.

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