Bint-e Zahra, Saniha Shoaib, Rana Khalid Iqbal.
An Overview of Effects of Carbonated Drinks.
Natl J Health Sci Jan ;4(2):80-4.

Soft drinks are those drinks which do not contain alcohol. These soft drinks are either carbonated or non-carbonated soft drinks. Carbonated soft drinks are consumed widely across the globe. Today, when people are becoming more health conscious, concerns are being raised regarding the impact of carbonated soft drinks on health. When discussing the effects of carbonated soft drinks on health carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid and sugar are of main concern. Most carbonated beverages have acidic pH which results in gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) like symptoms. The phosphoric solution in these beverages is powerful enough to cause human teeth to become soft. The caffeine present in colas is known to be a hazardous factor for osteoporosis. When taken after a period of dehydration, the sugar in these beverages is known to cause more renal injury then plain water. The sugar content in these beverages may lead to lipids production in the body and result in obesity, hypertension, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and pancreatic cancer. Hence, it is necessary to monitor diet and focus on natural and healthy beverages.

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