Mohammad Humayun, Raheela Hussain, Saeed Akhtar Khan, Naseer Ahmad Chaudhry, Mohammad Tayyib.
Prevalence of bacterial isolates in house-flies from different areas of Lahore.
Pak Postgrad Med J Jan ;13(4):152-8.

House-flies have been known to be a menace to human health since ancient times and are recognized as mechanical vectors for the spread of bacterial diseases. As the insanitary conditions prevail in large part of the Lahore city the present study was carried out on 14,400 house-flies from six insanitary and six sanitary localities from 1st June, 1998 to 31st May, 1999. It was observed that overall frequency of oro-faecal transmitting bacterial isolates was higher in the insanitary areas whereas in the sanitary areas bacterial isolates were more of non-orofaecal transmitting group. Over a period of one year no statistically significant difference was found in various bacterial species isolated from the house-flies in different months.

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