Arshad Mahmood, Aneela Shaheen, Fizza Maqsood, Munawar Ahmad, Gohar Wajid.
What do Students Value in a Medical Teacher?.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;16(2):659-64.

Background: The field of medical education has seen tremendous development over the past few decades and the trend is still continuing. On the curriculum front, traditional medical curricula are being transformed using strategies such as SPICES model. In this rapidly changing scenario of medical education, the role of medical teacher is changing as well. Aims and Objectives: is to determine the perceptions of medical and dental students about the attributes of a good medical teacher. Methodology: This cross-sectional study was conducted at University College of Medicine and Dentistry, The University of Lahore from June 2014 to October 2014. Two hundred and seventy eight students completed the questionnaire. Data compilation was done and SPSS 22 was used for analysis. Results: Among 278 students, 186(66.9%) were MBBS and 92 (23.1%) BDS, 110 (40.6%) were males and 168 (59.4%) were females. Overall students` responses, `knowledge of subject` was rated highest with value of (4.640.52).and minimum weightage (2.171.1) was given `not encourage students participation in theory lectures. There was no significant difference between the perceptions of senior and junior groups of medical students for most of the attributes. Conclusion: The students love a medical teacher with sound knowledge, good presentation and communications skills, honest, and ethical, fully motivated, enthusiastic, flexible and updated with new advances in professional knowledge and technology.

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