Manzoor Rashid, Mian Tauseef Uddin, Muhammad Saqib.
Treatment of Proximal Tibial Plateau Fractures with Ilizarov External Fixation..
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;15(3):330-2.

Objectives: To document preferred recovery with Ilizarov External Fixation in proximal Tibial Plateau fracture. Material and Methods: 60 patients with tibial plateau fracture above 14 years of age. Result. Radiological union was present in 29 (48.3%) patients after one month and they achieved full weight bearing at 6 months` time. Pin track infection was found in 17 patients (28.3%) in first month, which slightly increased in 3 months (35%) but at 6 month follow up pin track infection was not found in any patients. Conclusion: We concluded that Ilizarov fixation is a good technique which gives good pain relief, early mobility, early radiological union and minimal knee stiffness. It also gives good results in cases where primary internal fixation cannot be done. It can be used even in the presence of edema. Success of the treatment lies in continuous patient education.

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