Rabia Basri, Umar Hayat, Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan.
Patient`s Satisfaction with Circuit Class Training vs Individual Task Specific Training in Post-Stroke Cases: (Single blinded randomized clinical trial).
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;15(3):319-22.

Objective: To evaluate the patients satisfaction with circuit class training vs. individual task specific training in g post stroke cases. Study Design: Single blinded randomized controlled trial. Settings: Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rafsan Paraplegic Center Peshawar/Physiotherapy clinic of Khyber Medical University (KMU), Peshawar. Material & Methods: Total n=64 participants randomly allocated into two groups using the simple random sampling, circuit group n=32 and individual group n=32. The both group received task specific training individually for 1.5 hour daily for 5 days per week for 4 weeks. The circuit group received task specific training in circuit while the individual group received the task specific training one by one. Total n=2 subjects left the study with mentioned domestic problems. The main outcome measure used for this study was modified patient satisfaction questionnaire. Result: The patients were considered similar on baseline on the basis of means´┐Ż standard deviation which was computed for age, length of hospital stay and for 1st physiotherapy visit post stroke. The patient in both the groups, circuit and individual training program reported for equal satisfaction in majority areas of questionnaire where patients in circuit group enjoyed significantly the treatment session as compared to individual group (71% vs. 61 % respectively P<0.05 Chi Square test), The perception of getting improved was significantly high in circuit as compare to individual training group (75% vs. 55% respectively P<0.05, Chi-Square test) similarly the patients in the circuit groups were comparatively more satisfied with treatment time as compare to individual group (75% vs. 45 % respectively P<0.05 Chi-Square test). Conclusion: The circuit training programs are more satisfactory for stroke patients as compare to individual training programs.

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