Fatahiya Kashif, Jariya Wajahat.
The Rationale Behind the Limp Approach of Pakistani Physicians towards Research: is there a Solution?.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;15(3):310-4.

Objective: To identify the deficiencies in the training path of our prospective physicians and to suggest solutions. Study design: Partly interventional longitudinal study. Place and duration of study: This study was carried out in the Department of Medical Education, Sialkot Medical College during March-April 2016. Methodology: A meticulous web search was carried out to collect data regarding international strategies being practiced in the training of good physician scientists. It was followed by a survey of 46 volunteer medical students (28 from 1st yr and 18 from 2nd yr).These students underwent a weeklong workshop on the basics of research methodology before carrying out simple research projects. Finally, they were interviewed about their research experience and the insufficiencies in their high school training. Results: The data revealed some gaps in Pakistani educational system. Pakistani students are not exposed to scientific method early in their educational career. In the students` survey, the average level of proficiency in math (based on a likert scale) was about 3 corresponding to fair capability. Students were not familiar with data retrieval and interpretation of graphs. During the research workshop, they failed to demonstrate considerable expertise in statistics and basic computational skills required for a good researcher. Conclusion: The basic requirement of a good researcher include training in research methodology, computational and statistical skills as well as a sound foundation in mathematics. Without this preparation, the students should not be expected to carry out good quality research.

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