Zaneera Hassan, Aamir Choudhry, Basim Mubarak, Syed Jawwad Husain, Ijaz Latif.
Parental Compliance to Patching in the Treatment of Amblyopia at Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;15(3):227-30.

Objectives: (1) To determine the parental understanding of amblyopia by assessing their knowledge and behavior. (2) To study their compliance and the factors pertaining to amblyopic therapy at home. Patients and Methods: Type of Study: Cross-sectional study. Sampling Technique: Convenient sampling. Sample Size: 30 patients Duration of Study: 4 months. Setting: Study was conducted at Ophthalmology Department of Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur. Results: The study revealed the compliance to be 60% in most of the families and there was no effect on compliance except the patching hours and resultant visual acuity. Factors involved are the age of the child, refractive errors, type of patch, actual patching hours observed by the parents at home and the resistance of child affecting amblyopic eye (p=0.171) including duration of the first patch. There were various other factors that are responsible for failure of treatment and a great hurdle in progression of vision or non compliance of parents in amblyopic therapy. Conclusions: Poor compliance to patching is the major factor in treatment of amblyopia: Parental knowledge, attitude and insight are very necessary for the successful amblyopic therapy. 2) Education of parents, understanding of amblyopic therapy especially the busy schedule of working parents. 3) Proper techniques should be advised that ensure the use of patching at home.

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