Khawaja Khalid Shoaib, Idrees Ahmed, Muhammad Manzoor.
Surgical Management of Hypotropia.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;15(3):213-5.

Objective. To find the results of surgery for hypotropia Materials and Methods. Operations performed for hypotropia from 1 st Jan 2016 to 30 Dec 2016 in Mughal Eye Hospital Lahore were analyzed to find out the affectivity of muscle surgery. Preoperative assessment included recording of vision, cycloplegic refrection and measurement of angle of squint by Hirschberg/ prism cover test using a prism bar. Inferior rectus recession was done in 15 cases. Results: Inferior rectus recession alone of 3-5 mm was done in 13 cases. Average pre-hypotropia angle was 20 prism diopters (range 10- 30). Average post op angle was 5 prism diopters (range 3-12). In all cases inferior rectus recession corrected the pseudoptosis however ptosis surgery was done subsequently in all the cases(except two). In one case of 30 hypertropia, inferior oblique myectomy combined with contralateral inferior rectus recession corrected the hypertropia. No ptosis surgery was required in this case. In another patient with 76 (38 degrees) Knapp procedure resulted in 5 prism diopters of hypertropia and 40 20 degrees) exotropia. One patient developed orbital cellulitis following the surgery which resolved with systemic antibiotics. Conclusion: Hypotropia can be treated successfully and the surgery has satisfactory results.

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