Maria Sultan, Syed Amir Hamza, Naeem Khan.
Efficacy of Sliding Conjunctival Flap VS Bare Sclera with Mitomycin-C regarding Recurrence of Pterygium.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;15(3):190-3.

Objectives: To determine efficacy of sliding conjunctival flap versus bare sclera + mitomycin-C regarding recurrence of pterygium. Material and Methods: This study was conducted at Ophthalmology Department Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar. Study design was quassi experimental study. Duration of the study was one year (1st January 2015 to 31st Dec 2015) in which a total of 60 patients (30 in each group) were observed. All the patients were selected through non-probability, convenient sampling technique. Every patient who was diagnosed as having primary pterygium was included in this study. A detailed history and thorough ocular examination was carried out. Type of Pterygium was noted whether it was progressive or regressive. One group underwent Pterygium excision through BST (bare sclera technique) with intraoperative MMC 0.02% application for 2 minutes. In the other group, SCF (sliding conjunctival flap) was carried out. A single surgeon performed surgeries on all the 60 patients. Results: Pterygium surgery with bare sclera method with mitomycin C resulted in high recurrence rate, 11 out of 30 patients (36.6%) while sliding conjunctival flap had recurrence in 2 patients (6.6%). Conclusion: Pterygium surgery done by sliding conjunctival flap resulted in low recurrence in 6 months as compared to bare sclera method with mitomycin C.

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