Mohammad Alamgir Rana, Sm Samee, Zahra H Bokhari, Raafea Tafweez.
Morphometric study of Callosomarginal Artery.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;8(2):484-5.

Aim: The present study presents the morphometric anatomic features of the CMA. Its relations with the pericallosal artery & clinical implications are presented. Methods: Fifty cerebral hemispheres were obtained form cadavars & put in 10% formalin for one week so as to fix them. A mixture of gelatin & Indian ink of blue colour was injected in the anterior cerebral artery. Measurements of length & diameter of vessels was made by digital vernier calipers. Results: The CMA was present in 94.3% of hemispheres arising from the distal part of ACA. The mean diameter of the CMA at its origin was 1.47±0.36mm. The CMA ran 1.28±0.8 cm until first branch describing an anterior convex curve backwards & upwards was given. An average of three lesser branches originated from CMA. The mean diameter of the CMA branches was 0.92±0.33mm. Conclusions: The morphometric measurements can help neurosurgeons access lesions located in distal intracranial vessels. Its largest course was near the cingulated gyrus.

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