Nazeefa Javed, Saba Shabbir Sheikh, Saleema Qaisara, Atiq Khan.
Relationship between Physical and Psychological Health among a group of patients.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;8(2):461-4.

Aim: To find a relationship between physical and psychological complaints as reported by patients who are suffering with mental and physical problems. It was concluded that there is a significant relation between physical and psychological wellbeing. Design: Descriptive, non interventional, cross sectional research design was used to conduct the present study. Method: In order to collect the data, non-probability purposive sampling strategy was used. The data was collected through physical and psychological health questionnaire, a predesigned questionnaire was filled by observer which included the bio-data, educational and financial status information, their drug history, presenting complaints, complaints pertinent to specific problems, and family history and their psychological complaints were also taken. Total 159 patients of both genders with age range of 14-75 years were interviewed, who were admitted or came on outdoor basis in medical (Fatima Memorial Hospital) and psychiatry (Hameed Latif Hospital) departments. Results: The results generated by applying SPSS indicated that those patients who presented with physical problems were 79(49.7%) and those presented with psychological health problems were 75(47.2%) and those who were having both psychological and physical problems were 80(50.31%). Conclusion: It showed that there is a significant relation between physical and psychological problems.

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