Azhar Hameed, Bakht Aziz, Sajid Iqbal Sheikh, Mohibullah Mushwani.
Frequency of Ossicles Erosion on Mastoid Exploration in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media with Middle Ear Cholesteatoma.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;8(2):453-6.

Aim: To assess the frequency of ossicles erosion on mastoid exploration in chronic suppurative otitis media with middle ear cholesteatoma. Study Design: Cross-sectional descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out in the ENT Department, Mayo Hospital, Lahore affiliated with King Edward Medical University Lahore. One year study (10th February 2013 to 10th February, 2014). Methods: 120 patients were admitted through non-probability purposive sampling technique via outpatient and emergency at the Department of ENT, Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Patients were selected after fulfilling the inclusion criteria. All the data was analysed by SPSS version 18. Quantitative data like age was analysed using mean and standard deviation. Qualitative data including gender and presence or absence of ossicular erosion was analysed using percentages and frequencies. Result: A total of 120 patients of chronic suppurative otitis media with middle ear cholesteatoma were included in this study. Out of these 120 patients 80(66.7%) were males and 40(33.3%) were females. Male to female ratio was 2:1 .Mean┬▒standard deviation of age group was 21.2┬▒11.9 years. Radical mastoidectomy was performed in 112 patients (93.3%) and modified radical mastoidectomy was performed in 8 patients (6.7%). Ossicles erosion in chronic suppurative otitis media with middle ear cholesteatoma observed in 102 patients (85%) and 18 patients (15%) had no ossicles erosion. Conclusion: Cholesteatoma a non-malignant destructive lesion is the commonest finding in operated cases of chronic suppurative otitis media. Most of the studied cases showed ossicles erosion specially incus. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent intracranial and extra cranial complications. Treatment of cholesteatoma is surgery with the primary goal to eradicate disease and provide a safe and dry ear with hearing improvement. Radical mastoidectomy is a procedure of choice for the treatment of extensive cholesteatoma .It was also observed that cholesteatoma is more common in low socio-economic groups.

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