Muhammad Hammad, Haroon Habib, Yasir Ali Bhatti, Sadia Zia, Fouzia Javed, Mudaser Hussain Abbasi, Rana Muhammad Akhtar, Hassaan Barkat, Salah Uddin.
Gender Variation of Lip prints among the students of Avicenna Medical College, Lahore.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;8(2):321-3.

Aim: To determine association of lip prints pattern among the male female MBBS 3rd year students. Study design: Cross sectional study Place and duration of study: The present study was conducted in the Avicenna Medical College Lahore in the department of Forensic medicine and Toxicology from to April 2012. Methods: Lip prints were collected from the subjects after obtaining their informed consent in the month of February-April 2012. A total of 100 MBBS, 3rd year students of the Avicenna Medical College Lahore participated in the study. Lip prints were recorded on a white paper and each lip print was assigned by their serial numbers and roll no. of student. Patterns of lip prints were classified according to Suzuki and Tsuchihashi classification. Results: The most common pattern among the students was Type-I or long vertical grooves (60%), and 2nd most common pattern was Type-II or Branching grooves(20%), 3rd common pattern was Type –II short vertical grooves (8%) was found. The least common lip print patterns Type-III and type-IV were found and very least pattern of lip print was other type grooves or type-V. Conclusion: Lip print pattern is unique for each of the examined individual. This finding is hoped to be useful in the identification process, both in civil and criminal cases. The most common pattern of lip prints was long Vertical groove or Type-I , and the second common pattern was the Type-II Branching grooves. Second least common pattern which were found to the type-III and type-IV and Very least pattern of lip print were found to be other type grooves or type-V. There is no any significant association of lip prints between males and females was found.

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