Zahra H Bokhari, Muhammad Yasoob, Syed Muhammad Samee, Nadia Tazeen, Rafeea Tafweez, Atiya Mubarak Khalid.
Maternal and Perinatal Outcome in patients with Preeclampsia.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;8(2):268-71.

Aim: To evaluate perinatal outcome in neonates born to preeclamptic women. Methods: Study was performed on 50 normotensive women & 50 women with preeclampsia coming to the emergencies of Lady Wallingdon & Lady Aithcison hospitals, Lahore. The basis of selection and distribution of preeclamptic patients into groups was based on diastolic blood pressure ranging from 90-130 mm Hg. Babies born to these mothers were assessed for IUGR, birth weight, gestational age & necessity for admission to ICU. Perinatal mortality was noted. Results: The most common presenting feature of the women coming to the emergency in all groups was labor pains. The number of patients undergoing C-section progressively increased with mounting BP. 20.8% children in Group C (diastolic BP 101-115 mm Hg) & 40% in Group D (diastolic BP 116-130 mm Hg) suffered from IUGR. Post- natal death accounted for 9%, 12.5% & 13.3% in Groups B, C, & D respectively. The mean birth weight & APGAR score was significantly reduced in the severe preeclamptic groups. Conclusion: Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are associated with high fetal morbidity and mortality. Antenatal care will help in early diagnosis and timely intervention of the cases.

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