Arshad Farzooq, Khalid Qayum, Akhtar Munir.
Inlay Myringoplasty Using “Butterfly” Cartilage Technique: a study at KIMS, Kohat.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;7(4):971-971.

Aim: To determine the effectiveness of inlay butterfly Cartilage Myringoplasty. Twenty (20) patients were selected who underwent inlay butterfly cartilage myringoplasty from June 2009 to June 2012 at ENT department of KIMS Teaching Hospital, Kohat. All patients had small to medium sized perforations with inactive mucosal disease. All patients were evaluated both pre -operatively and post- operatively through examination, otoscopy, pure tone audiogram and examination under microscope (EUM). Results: All patients operated by this procedure were followed for one year. They were followed through pure tone audiometry and otoscopy. The grafts were taken in 15(75%) patients. In 5 patients, there was residual perforation. The air bone gap was decreased significantly (pre op 33.75 db, post op 13.5 db) with p < 0.05 (significant). Conclusion: Myringoplasty by inlay butterfly cartilage technique is effective in making the ear safe and improving hearing. It is also a simple and rapid procedure compared to well establish temporalis fascia graft technique either by underlay or onlay method.

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