Muhammad Zubair, Imran Ahmad, Aruna Bashir, Tassaduq H Sheikh, Waqas Samee, Javeria Malik.
Optic Nerve Oligodendropenia, induced by Ethambutol.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;7(4):906-10.

Aim: To determine oligodendropenia in optic nerve of rabbit, induced by ethambutol Method: Ten, New Zealand white, albino rabbits of either sex, 6-12 month old; weighing 1- 2kg were randomly divided in to two groups comprising five animals in each. Group A served as control, while Group B was given ethambutol 100 mg/kg/day for four weeks. At the end of experimental period, each animal was sacrificed by using chloroform and both optic nerves were dissected out, preserved and processed; in this way, twenty optic nerve specimens (ten for each group) were collected from ten albino rabbits. Results: Mean number of oligodendrocytes was significantly decreased in group B (04.31±0.40) as compared to group A (10.41±01.34); p = 0.002. Conclusion: Ethambutol, in toxic doses, induces the death of oligodendrocytes in optic nerve, resulting into demyelination of optic nerve.

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