Rifat Nadeem Ahmad, Mahwish Majid Bhatti, Asna Haroon Khan.
Teaching pathology to medical undergraduates in an integrated modular curriculum.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;29(1):17-21.

Objective: To assess the perceptions of students and faculty regarding teaching of pathology in an integrated modular curriculum at Shifa College of Medicine. Materials & Methods: This cross-sectional survey was conducted at Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad, between June 2011 and July 2017. Students of 3rd Year MBBS for seven consecutive years along with the faculty of pathology were asked to respond to structured questionnaires based on a 3-point Likert scale regarding delivery of pathology in the integrated modular curriculum being followed in the college. Simple descriptive statistics were used to calculate frequencies and percentages for each variable in the questionnaire. Enrolment in the study was voluntary and anonymous. Results:A total of 537 students and 66 faculty members responded to the questionnaires. Most of the students had a positive perception of integrated modular system, which they felt provides good clinical relevance (75%) and understanding of pathology (73%), allowing them to achieve their learning objectives (89%), promotes critical thinking (68%), self-learning (68%) and communication skills (66%), and is a student-friendly and interesting learning strategy (67%). The faculty also preferred integrated modular system (76%), as it encourages active learning (80%), and provides better clinical relevance (85%) and understanding (64%) of the subject than the traditional system. However, they had concerns regarding standardization in course delivery and logistic facilities. Conclusion:Integrated modular curriculum has wide acceptability among the students and faculty of pathology, who feel that it is student-centred, promotes critical thinking, and provides good clinical relevance and subject understanding. Keywords: Education, Medical, Undergraduate; Models, Educational; Competency-based education; Curriculum; Pathology.

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