Hamile Ali, Mehak Shahid.
Role of compounds present in fruits and vegetables in preventing heart diseases.
Pak Heart J Jan ;49(1):03-8.

Cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart diseases are the most common cause of mortality. The compounds present in fruits and vegetables like polyphenols, flavonoids, dietary fibers, dietary nitrates, alkaloid, phytosterols, lycopenes are considered important for preventing cardiovascular diseases.Importance of fruits and vegetables in diet can be used further to create insight of risk factors as well as the cure of Cardiovascular Diseases. Several studies including many experiments and surveys were selected in which the intake of fruits and vegetables were measured and the incidence of mortality due to CVDs was recorded. Intake of FBV (fruit, berries and vegetables) 3 times a day in young age can reduce the risk of CVDs in adulthood and also lowers blood pressure,reduce the stiffness of coronary arteries, and prevent from the damaging effects of reactive oxygen species and metal ions. The compounds present in FBV lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases with their antioxidant properties (polyphenolics, flavonoids), reducing properties (dietary nitrates) and chelating properties (polyphenolics, flavanoids). So the inclusion of vegetables and fruits in daily diet can reduce the risk factors associated with CVDs.

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