Zarfishan Tahir, Ali Razaqque, Anjum Zubair Bhutta, Hassan Mahmood.
Anti-HIV seroprevalence in Tuberculous patients.
Biomedica Jan ;19:47-9.

Seroprevalence of anti-HIV in tuberculous patients was carried out in collaboration with the AIDS surveillance Centre in Microbiology Division of IPH Lahore and Provincial AIDS control programme, D. G. Office Lahore. The sample consisted of 1348 patients admitted in Ghulab Devi Hospital during the period of July-August `2002. Out of these 774 (57.4%) were male patients and 574 (42.6%) were female patients. Two male patients (0.10%) were found to be positive for antiHIV, which definitely points towards future problem if left uncontrolled.

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