Sadia Nasir, Ziad Ullah Shah.
Frequency of common complications in septic induced miscarriages.
J Med Sci Jan ;27(3):185-9.

Objective: To determine the frequency of common complications in septic induced miscarriages.Material and Methods: This research of study was conducted at Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar,Pakistan. Study Design was engaging cross sectional examination and the term of the investigation was one year from April 2017 to April 2018. After examination the sample size was 132. All patients withage range 18-40 years, with history of illegally induced miscarriage, whether married or not, introducing to OPD or Emergency were incorporated a patients detail history of a patients was taken and physical examination was performed.Patients were assessed for complications like haemorrhage, sepsis, uterine perforation, cervical injuries and the final results were recorded on anal ready arrange questionnaire. Carefully consideration and prohibition criteria had pursued to control confounders and inclination in the investigation results.Results: After our research study the result show that among 132 patients having age was 33 years with SD +/- 7.311,and also find that the 28% percent patients were literate while 72% patients were Illiterate. The most common complication were sepsis 45%, followed by hypovolemic shock 32% and uterine perforation 10%. Conclusion: Our study concludes that the most common complication of in septic induced miscarriages were sepsis, hypovolemic shock and uterine perforation.

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