Farooq Ahmed, Iqbal Haider.
Coagulopathies of Liver Diseases: a Narrative Review.
J Med Sci Jan ;26(3):257-60.

Background: Liver is considered to be one of the synthetic organs regarding coagulation factors. Patients with liver disease undergo a rebalanced state, where a procoagulant state is also established along with an anticoagulant state. The risk of thrombosis is as common as the risk of bleeding. Aims and objectives: The following discussion will highlight the importance of rebalanced system and will explain the role of common coagulation tests in patient with advanced liver disease. This discussion will also emphasize the limitation of common coagulation tests and will describe an approach to such patients in clinical settings. Material and Methods: A narrative literature review utilizing PubMed and OVID as databases was carried out in August 2018.

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