Muhammad Imran Ashraf, Yasir Mehmood, Hammad Yousaf, Syed Saeed-ul Hassan, Humayun Riaz, Faizan Sarwar.
Detection of Hepatitis C Virus in Blood Donors; Correlation of Hepatitis C with Intravenous Drug Use/Abuse/Addict, Type of Blood Donor and Multiple-Pricks.
J Med Sci Jan ;26(2):164-8.

Objective: To Detect the Hepatitis C virus in blood donors and its correlation with intravenous drug use, type of blood donor and multiple-prick Material and Methods: This study was conducted on the blood donors of Services hospital Lahore-Pakistan, from November 2016 to December 2016.It included 44 patients and the main aim was detection of Hepatitis C percentage in blood donors as well as the correlation of Hepatitis C with the foremost variables in the study conduct. These variables include the Intravenous drug use/abuse/addict as the first factor and multiple prick as the second variable by relating it with the type of donor. Results: There are various types of Hepatitis C on the basis of genotype. The Hepatitis C is diagnosed by the numbers of test. The test most probably used in this study is commercially available test kits. Other tests are ELISA and PCR test used for the diagnosis of Hepatitis C Conclusion: HCV is infrequent among donors in Services Hospital of Pakistan.

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