Kamran Amir Khan, Sameed Ullah Qureshi, Luma Khalid, Khatira Wahid.
Atypical presentation of dengue fever in a G6PD deficient patient: a case report.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;69(10):1553-6.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease that has rapidly spread in the recent years, particularly in South Asia. While haematologic complications, such as cytopenia and bleeding, may occur in severe dengue infection, reports of haemolytic anaemia in dengue fever are scant. We report a patient who developed haemolytic anaemia following dengue fever. A 45 years old gentleman presented with five-day history of fever and was recently diagnosed with dengue fever. He developed jaundice and started vomiting on the third day of his clinical course. His laboratory investigations revealed deranged liver profile, Coombs negative haemolytic anaemia and G6PD deficiency. He was treated conservatively with fluids and blood transfusions. His liver functions and haemolytic anaemia gradually resolved. This case highlights the importance of recognising dengue fever-induced haemolytic anaemia in a G6PD deficient patient by physicians and pathologists, enabling better diagnosis and improved management of this life-threatening condition.

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