Qamar Sardar Sheikh, Saleem Qureshi, Waqar Ahmad, Naeem Khan, Nasir Raza Zaidi.
Low cost and effective method of External Billiary Drainage.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;9(2):92-4.

There are a number of patients of obstructive jaundice with alarmingly high billirubin level and prolonged PT and APTT intervals. Due to some reason the more permanent endoscopic approach to the lesion or impassability of the stricture requires external billiary drainage in such patients. The author established external billiary drainage at the department of Radiology of Jinnah hospital/ Allama Iqbal Medical Complex Lahore. In three patients of obstructive jaundice with alarmingly high billirubin level. Using non conventional relatively less expensive CVP line instead of regular expensive billiary drainage kits manufactured by various companies. Out of three patients intubated one disappeared, one died of the extent of disease and the third patient is showing remarkable improvement and still survives. One patient with established external billiary drainage survives and her bilirubin is falling down gradually. All three procedures were successful.

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