Huma Abbas, Rukhsana Roshan, Zubair Nasir.
Awareness and health seeking behaviour of parents regarding their children\'s oral health and professional dental care in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;37(4):608-11.

Long term optimum oral health of children widely depends upon their parent’s knowledge and attitude towards oral hygiene .Good treatment seeking behavior for their children might prevent them from a great deal of suffering and pain throughout their lives. The objective of this descriptive cross-sectional survey was to assess and determine the knowledge and health seeking behavior of parents from urban areas of Islamabad capital territory towards oral health and professional dental care for their children and identify the barriers to seeking dental healthcare. A sample of 250 parents, both males and females was approached using convenient sampling. A questionnaire having both open and closed ended questions regarding knowledge and behavior of parents towards their children’s oral health including dental healhseeking was used. From the results it was evident that most of the parents were not aware of cause of dental caries and methods of preventive dental care that in turn made their dental health seeking behavior for children poor.

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