Muniza Saeed, Shahnaz Javed Khan, Mohammad Humayun Ikram, Shahnaz javed Khan.
Effect of Salbutamol on exercise induced bronchospasm.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;9(2):145-7.

Salbutamol is a potent 1f2 adrenergic stimulant. It acts primarily to dilate airways in the prophylaxis of exertional asthma. The study was planned to assess the effect of salbutamol on pulmonary function tests in exercise induced bronchospasm. Eighty children (40 control and 40 mild to moderate asthmatic) in the age range of 10-16 years exercised for 6 minutes on bicycle ergometer at the speed of 35kmph in an air conditioned laboratory. PFTs were recorded 5 minutes after exercise challenge. This was followed by sulbutamol inhalation (200 pg) by metered dose inhaler. PFTs were again recorded 20 minutes after salbutamol inhalation. There was highly significant (P<0.01) difference in expiratory flow rates and lung volumes of two groups, before salbutamol inhalation. PFTs of two groups showed a non-significant (P>0.05) difference after salbutamol inhalation. The rapid reversal of exercise induced bronchospasm implicate smooth muscle contraction as primary change during an acute attack. The early recognition and appropriate management of EIB can allow children and adolescents to fully participate in physical activities. We conclude that inhaled 132 agonist is highly effective in attenuating exercise induced bronchospasm in asthmatic children.

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