Ajmal Farooq.
Role of Laparoscopy in the management of Non-Acute Abdominal Conditions.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;9(2):150-3.

This report examines the role of Laparoscopy in the management of non acute abdominal conditions. A prospective intervention study was carried out on twenty consecutive patients from January to December 2002. Patients between 12 - 64 years of age with non acute abdominal conditions were included and patients with history of previous laparotomy having signs of intestinal obstruction and peritonitis were excluded. Among these patients 12 (60%) were female and 8 (40%) were male. Pain Abdomen was commonest indication in 10(50%) with abdominal masses the second most 5 (25%). Ascites was the third most. Laparoscopic findings in these patients were abdominal tuberculosis in 4 (20%), Carcinoma 7 (35%), Adhesion 2 (10%), Chronic appendicitis in 1 (5%) and in 3 (15%) with localized peritonitis. Laparoscopic biopsy and tissue sampling was done in 13 (65%). Diagnostic Laparoscopy avoided exploratory Laparoscopy in 14 (70%) of patients. In this study no mortality and no major complications occurred. This study emphasizes the role of Laparoscopy in the management of non acute abdominal conditions and concludes that Laparoscopy is a safe and reliable procedure with high diagnostic accuracy and in certain conditions it has also useful therapeutic role.

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