Khalid Ahmed Tareen, Riaz Hussain Awan, Seema Nayab, Khadim Hussain Awan, Faqir Muhammad Awan.
Frequency of helicobacter pylori stool antigen in individuals with dyspeptic symptom.
Professional Med J Jan ;26(06):902-6.

Objectives: To evaluate the frequency of H. pylori stool antigen in individuals with dyspepsia. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Setting: Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi. Period: July-2017 to 31st December-2017). Patients and Methods: The individuals with dyspeptic symptoms for ≥3 months durations were included and explored for H. Pylori infection by H. Pylori stool antigen while the result were analyzed and frequencies and percentages were calculated. Results: The mean ± SD for overall population was 36.29±8.57 years while the frequency of H. pylori was recorded as 38.57% (54/140) patients respectively. Conclusion: H. pylori infection usually observed in dyspeptic individuals and should be screened for eradication therapy.

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