Shahnawaz Leghari, Gulshan Ali Memon, Habib-ur Rehman Khan Toor.
Goitre; frequency of malignant diseases in goitre at tertiary care hospital..
Professional Med J Jan ;26(03):450-4.

Background: The entity of goitre is as old as mankind itself and has been recorded historically in Chinese text as back as 2700 B.C. Indeed in context to WHO adage, every thyroid nodule should be considered malignant until proven otherwise, needs triple assessment. The histopathology is very mandatory to have definitive diagnosis. Objectives: of this study was to determine the frequency of malignancy in patients presented with goitre at our institution. Study Design: Descriptive cross sectional study. Period: January 2015 to December 2017. Setting: Department of Surgical Unit 1 People’s Medical College Hospital Nawabshah tertiary care hospital were plotted in this study, through non probability consecutive methods. Material and Methods: 160 patients having goitre underwent for various thyroid surgeries with reported histopathology. Results: In a total of 160 patients, 79.4%, 6.9%, 2.5%, and 11.3% were simple, toxic, inflammatory and malignant neoplasm respectively. Conclusions: Study revealed 11.25% frequency of thyroid malignancy in patient presented with goiters. Among these papillary carcinoma was 8.1%, follicular carcinoma was 1.9% and anaplastic carcinoma was 1.3%.

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