Sadaf Bukhari, Aaifa Khalid Niazi, Hajra Shuja.
Accuracy of upper lip bite test in predicting difficult airway.
Professional Med J Jan ;25(12):1966-71.

INTRODUCTION:  Various anatomical measurements and non‑invasive clinical tests can be performed to predict difficult intubation. Recently introduced “Upper lip bite test” (ULBT) is claimed to have a high predictability. However, limited data exists to support its high predictability both nationally and internationally. OBJECTIVE: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of upper lip bite test in the prediction of difficult airway. METHODOLOGY: This was a cross sectional study. A sample of 283 patients was calculated by using WHO sample size calculator and sampling was done by non-probability consecutive sampling. All the selected patients were assessed for upper lip bite test and Cormack and Lehane laryngoscopy grade separately. Data was collected on pre-designed proforma. Accuracy of ULBT was calculated based on the acquired data. RESULTS: The calculated accuracy of ULBT for predicting difficult airway was found to be 91.2%. CONCLUSION: ULBT is a reliable bedside technique with a high accuracy for predicting a difficult airway. KEY WORDS: Upper lip bite test, Cormack and Lehane scale, difficult airway.

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