Saeed Shaista Afzal, Imrana Masroor.
Organization of residents research activities: an audit of radiology trainees perception.
Pak J Radiol May ;29(3):202-4.

The academic radiology departments as well as radiology societies promote residents early research training with the aim to develop researchers who are skilled to carry out hypothesis driven research. Objective: The purpose of the audit was to determine the resident`s perception regarding the organization of the research activities for trainees in the Radiology department of an academic institution Methodology: This audit was conducted in the department of radiology AKUH from 1st to 31st November 2018. A survey questionnaire was designed and circulated to all residents in the radiology department of AKUH to determine their perception regarding the organization of the research activities for trainees in the department. A Likert -scale format was designed to assess resident`s response. Results: The response rate was 63%. The responses to the questions revealed that the residents were satisfied with the provision of statistical help (n=14), and the availability of latest journals (n=13) and up to date text books in the department (n=10). In response to provision of protected time for research, almost half (n=7) responded that no dedicated time is allocated for research. In response to availability of mentors for research activity 73 %( n=11) residents responded positively. Conclusion: The survey carried out to determine the resident`s perception of the organization of research activities in an academic department highlighted the deficiencies that needs to be addressed to improve and enhance the resident`s research training and output.

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