Huma Ashraf, Naheed Zrazwi, Aamena H Malik.
New Insight into role of Serum Adiponectin in obese/nonobese Postmenopausal Hypertensive Women.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;12(1):132-4.

Background: Changes in menopause may be due to the reduced level of serum estrogen results in a shift of distribution of fat. Aim: To find the role of serum adiponectin in obese and non obese postmenopausal hypertensive women and its link with obesity and risk of hypertension in postmenopausal women. Methods: About 92 postmenopausal women with age 55-59 years were included in the study who have developed incident hypertension during a period of 5 year. Women with age > 50 years, stop 140/90 mm Hg were included in the study. An equal number of age matched controls was also included. Women were grouped as obese and non obese. Level of plasma adiponectin was estimated by the technique of ELISA. Results: Mean age of both normal and obese postmenopausal women is 59 years. Level of serum adinopectin was significantly decreased in obese women compare to normal. A negative correlation between systolic and diastolic blood pressure and serum adinopectin level was observed in both obese and normal postmenopausal women. However significant correlation is only observed in normal postmenopausal women with r value-0.48 and-0.63. Conclusion: Women experiencing menopause need to upgrade in curative approaches to their hypertension and obesity in order to get better quality of life and avoid cardiovascular problems.

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