Abdul Rashid, Ahmed Shakeel Ahsan Rizwi, Mirza Abdul Rauf, Hafsa Shafiq.
Closure of Oroantral Fistula Comparison of Buccal Advancement Flap and Buccal Fat Pad.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;12(1):209-11.

Our aim was to compare the efficacy of two procedures i.e. buccal advancement flap and buccal fat pad for closure of oro-antral fistula. Results showed that the use of buccal advancement flap technique is a simple, convenient and reliable method for the repair of small to medium sized OAF, however an additional surgery may be required to reestablish the proper vestibular depth. Contrary to it BFP owing to its physical and biological properties can be used for a variety of purposes, but its most common use is the closure of large posterior OACs followed by post excision reconstruction.

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