Muhammad Adil Riaz, Muhammad Aaqib Riaz, Saima Tabussam, Habib-ur Rehman.
Frequency of Subdural Hematoma in Different Ages due to Motor Vehicle Mishaps on Computed Tomography Scan Brain.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;12(4):1318-20.

Background: Motor vehicle accidents are devastating ef fecton population in growing countries and often affect working class . Aim : To determine the frequency of subdural hematoma in patients of different ages due to motor vehicle mishaps on computed tomography scan brain . Methods: In accidental unit , Lahore General Hospital, Lahore (LGH) from September 2017 to December 2017 this study was carried. One hundred seven teen cases were selected who approached to emergency due to motor vehicle accidents. The cases with traumatic skull injury and having blood collection (hematoma) were considered. Axial computed tomography scan brain without contrast was performed. The frequency of subdural hematoma in different ages was determined in percentages, tables and graphs . Result: One hundred seventeen patients were enrolled in the study; subdural hematoma was 51(43.58 %) while no subdural hematoma was 66 (56 .41 %). Out of 51 subdural hematoma 47(92.15%) and 4(7.84 %) were males and females respectively. Forty three years was mean age with 13-77 +/- 13.01 years was range. All the individuals with head injury and having subdural hematoma were categorized into different groups. The frequency percentage of sub dural hematoma in different ages was 64.70% (19-45 years) followed by 31.37% (≥ 46years) and then 3.92% in ( ≤18 years). Conclusion: Subdural hematoma was more often in middle age and then old age .

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