Nasir Naseem Akhtar, Hafiz Muhammad Asif Maqbool, Muhammad Faheem, Asad.
Frequency of Clincopathological Presentations of Stomach in patients with Corrosive Intake.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;13(1):10-6.

Background: Corrosive are substances that causes tissue injury when comes in contact which some tissue by a chemical reaction. Gastrointestinal tract (GIT), respiratory system and eyes and most commonly effected. Corrosive agents are a leading toxicological source of injury. In every house various types of cleaning agents are present and mostly they are associated with large number of accidental and intentional corrosive poisonings. Aim: To find out the frequency of clinical presentations of stomach in patients with corrosive intake presenting in a tertiary care hospital. Duration of study: Six months from 25-07-2015 to 24-01-2016. Study design: Cross sectional survey. Methodology: The data was collected from the patients admitted on surgical floor of Mayo Hospital, Lahore through outpatient department, emergency, referred by other hospitals of Lahore City, with diagnosis of corrosive intake fulfilling the inclusion criteria. Informed written consent was taken after explaining the procedure to the patient. Patient’s age, sex, clinical presentation (normal finding, hyperemia and edema, stenosis of antrum, corpus and pylorus, stenosis of antrum and corpus and stenosis of pylorus) was noted on upper GI endoscopy was performed by same consultant. A pre-designed proforma was used to record all relevant data. Results: In our study, 93(42.82%) were between 15-35 years of age while 58.18% of the cases were between 3650 years of age, mean+/-SD was calculated as 35.26+/-7.17 years, males were 103(46.36%) and females were 119(53.64%). Frequency of patients with corrosive intake presenting in a tertiary care hospital was recorded as 81(36.825) had normal findings, 58(26.36%) had hyperemia and edema, 29(13.18%) had stenosis of antrum, 43(19.55%) had corpus and pylorus while 9(4.09%) had stenosis of antrum and corpus. Conclusion: We concluded that hyperemia and edemia are the most common clinical presentations of stomach in patients with corrosive intake followed by Corpus and pylorus and stenosis of antrum.

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