Saema Tehseen, Hina Hussain, Faiqa Chughtai.
Cornual Pregnancy- a Case Report.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;13(1):185-7.

Ectopic pregnancy is a rare condition where the gestational sac implants outside the uterus; It ruptures causing catastrophic heamorrhage. Cornual or interstitial pregnancy is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy whereby the gestational sac implants in the interstial part of the fallopian tube and invades through the uterine wall. As the myometrium is relatively more distensible the pregnancy lasts longer than other types of ectopic pregnancies. In addition to that its rupture causes torrential life threatening intra peritoneal bleed owing to high vascularity of myometrium. We came across a case of ruptured cornual ectopic in Pakistan Air Force Hospital Mianwali, Pakistan. She was admitted by medical specialist with syncopal attack and vomiting. On consulting the gynaecologist followed by scan she was found to have massive intraperitonial heamorrhage along with a gestational sac containing a nine week and five days old fetus showing a positive cardiac activity. This implies that the value of high index of suspicion and early institution of life saving surgical intervention cannot be overemphasized.

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