Quratulain Javaid, Ambreen Usmani, Aisha Qamar.
Anatomical Variations of Frontal Sinuses among the Male and Female Genders Living in Karachi.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;10(1):44-8.

Objective: To determine morphology and variation in dimensions of frontal air sinuses in male and female genders living in Karachi. Study Design and Setting: It was a cross sectional study and was conducted at Radiology Department, JPMC. Methodology: The total number of study participants were 216. The research subjects were divided into two equal groups of males and females each having 108 members. The mean age of the participants was calculated to be 35.14 +- 8.68 years. The study subjects were recruited from Radiology Department, JPMC, Karachi. After taking written informed consent, Waters (occipito-mental) view radiography was done to measure the parameters of height, width and area of the frontal air sinuses. The included variables were the demographic data and the physical examination to exclude facial anomalies. All the measurements were recorded and the measurements were saved by the help of Radiant DICOM digital software. Results: The parameters of height, width and the area of frontal sinuses showed highly significant variability on both the right and the left sides. All the dimensions were highly significantly greater in the males as compared to the female study participants (p=0.000). The Independent-Samples T Test was applied to compare the two gender groups. Conclusion: The parameters of height, width and area of frontal sinuses were greater in the males as compared to the females on both the left and the right sides.

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