Ammara Hameed, Sara Fatima, Tayyaba Hameed, Maryam Haider.
Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Therapy in Paediatric Poisoning.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;10(1):81-3.

Lipid emulsions are traditionally used as a part of total or partial parenteral nutrition. However in the past few years role of lipid emulsions has been identified in the management of poisoning and overdose caused by the lipophilic agents. Although most of the evidence comes from the various case reports. We are reporting 2 cases of poisoning in the paediatric age group. In both the cases multiple poisoning agents were involved with tricyclic antidepressants being the common agent in either case. Lipid emulsion therapy was used as an adjunct in addition to the traditional poisoning management. Both the girls recovered completely without any neurological deficit. The sequence of events observed provides a considerable evidence regarding the role of ILE therapy in the successful management of both the cases. However more research is required in the area to develop definitive guidelines regarding the use of Intravenous lipid emulsions in paediatric poisoning caused by lipophilic agents.

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