Usman Ali, Naik Zada, Wajid Akbar, Shafiullah.
Outcome of External Oblique Hernioplasty; an Experience at MMC Mardan.
J Saidu Med Col Jan ;9(2):220-4.

Background: Inguinal hernia repair is the most common general surgical procedure. External oblique hernioplasty utilizes the aponeurosis of external oblique muscle to strengthen the posterior wall of inquinal canal. Objective: To assess the outcome of external oblique hernioplasty in terms of early complications and recurrence. th Material and Methods: The study design was descriptive and was conducted in MMC Mardan from 14 June 2015 till 20th June 2016. An informed consent about the procedure was taken. The patients conditions were optimized before surgery after conducting investigations. All patients fit for general anesthesia were included in the study. All the patients were operated by a experienced surgeons and postoperative complications were recorded. All the patients were followed up for a period of six months. Results: All the 57 patients were operated and all were male suffering from inguinal hernia. In the early postoperative period 14% of patients had urinary retention. Chronic pain was observed in 14% of patients while 7% of patients reported with SSI. Conclusion: Results of the procedure are comparable to the results of mesh repairs in terms of immediate postoperative period. Long term complications like recurrence are awaited.

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