Ijaz Ali, Amina Gul, Atika Noorul Sahar, Shahid Niaz Khan, Sadeequr Rahman, Imtiaz Ali Khan, Johar Jamil.
Response rate of sofosbuvir based antiviral therapy among patients infected with hepatitis c virus genotype 3a.
J Med Sci Jan ;27(4):295-301.

Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of dual therapy of Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin among treatment-naive and non-responders of Interferon based antiviral regimens against HCV genotype 3a infected patients.Material & Methods: A longitudinal study was conducted on 100 HCV genotype 3a infected patients from December 2016 to September 2017. Patients were initially divided into two groups including Group-A (n=50/100) as treatment naive, and Group-B (n=50/100) including non-responders. All patients received Sofosbuvir and RBV for 24weeks. HCV genotype was determined using Type-specific nested PCR based genotyping assay. Viral RNA was detected using qualitative or real-time PCR. Results: After 4 weeks of treatment, HCV RNA was undetectable in 100 of Group A patients, while Group B patients achieved 92% RVR. SVR12 was 96% in treatment naïve Group A patients, while Group B patients achieved an SVR12 of 90%. There were no significant differences in the SVR12 rates between the two treatment groups (Pearson Chi-Square test, p-value >0.05). The association of RVR and SVR12 was found statistically significant (Pearson Chi-Square test,p- value<0.05).Conclusion: Sofosbuvir and RBV is highly effective among the treatment-naive and previously treated chronic HCV genotype 3a infected patients.

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