Rasikh Maqsood, Muhammad Ans, Ayub Ashraf Malhi, Khalid Mahmood, Hasnain Afzal, Umair Zulfiqar.
Wound complications due to diabetes in patients undergoing abdominal surgery.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;70(1):3-7.

Objective: To determine the wound complications of abdominal surgery in the patients of diabetes mellitus and associated factors at Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi. Study Design: Correlational study. Place and Duration of Study: Surgery department, CMH Rawalpindi, from Nov 2018 to May 2019. Methodology: This study was conducted on 183 patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus undergoing abdominal surgery at surgical unit of our tertiary care teaching hospital during the study period. Patients were interviewed and examined in detail after 48 hours and 1 week of surgery to look for the wound complications. Relationship of age, body mass index, gender, duration of diabetes and education was assessed with the presence of wound complications among these patients with diabetes undergoing abdominal surgeries. Results: A total of 183 patients with type II Diabetes were included in the final analysis that underwent the abdominal surgery. Infection 24 (13.1%) was the commonest wound complication among the target population followed by pain. Mean age of patients who underwent the surgery was 40.13 ± 4.945 years. Long duration of illness and high body mass index had significant association with the presence of wound complication among the type 2 diabetes patients undergoing abdominal surgery. Conclusion: Wound complications were common among the patients with type II diabetes. Special attention should be paid to the individuals with longer duration of illness. Patients with high body mass index should also be considered at a higher risk for developing the post-operative complications.

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