Nizamuddin Memon, Aftab Ahmed Qureshi, Muneer Junejo, Kusum Perdeep, Abdul Sattar Memon.
Stab with knife impacted in Vertebral Body an unusual finding on Imaging.
J Liaquat Uni Med Health Sci Jan ;2(1):23-4.

Thoraco-lumber spine injuries are caused by assault, accidents or even postural changes and are common, but this case which we report is an unusual finding in which blade of a knife was left in the vertebral body causing its fracture. A 40 years old man was brought to the emergency department with history of assault, metallic foreign body (Blade of knife) impacted in lower dorsal vertebra. After X-ray lumbo sacral spine, CT Scan and other investigations, the injured was operated and discharged after one week. On follow-up visits, patient had no evidence of any neurological symptom/deficit.

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