Athar Maqbool, Zubia Athar, Laiq Hussain.
Midsagittal diameter of Cervical Spinal Canal and Torg`s ratio of the Cervical Spine in Pakistanis.
Pak J Med Sci May ;19(3):203-10.

Objectives: (1) To determine the midsagittal diameter of cervical spinal canal in normal Pakistani population, (2) to set the normal range of cervical spinal canal/vertebral body ratio (Torg`s ratio) in the Pakistanis, and (3) to know whether there are any differences in the cervical spinal canal size and the Torg`s ratio of the cervical vertebrae between Pakistani and other populations. Design: Measurement of midsagittal diameter of the spinal canal and anteroposterior diameter of the vertebral body in cervical vertebrae of 100 dried human spinal columns of Pakistani origin. Setting: Anatomy department, Nishtar Medical College, Multan, Pakistan. Results: Mean midsagittal diameter of the cervical spinal canal in Pakistani males was found to be 15.1 t 1.6 mm, while in the females it was 14.5 t 2.07 mm. The mean Torg`s ratio for the Pakistani males was 0.95 and for the females it was 1.08. Conclusions: (1) There is no significant difference in the anteroposterior diameter of cervical spinal canal in the American and Pakistani population. (2) Mean midsagittal diameter of cervical spinal canal in normal Pakistanis is larger than that of the normal Japanese. (3) The Torg`s ratio in the male Pakistani and Korean subjects is nearly similar but is less than that reported for male Americans. However, the Torg`s ratio for the Pakistani, Korean and American females is nearly similar.

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