Humaira Ahmad, Amna Tariq, Asif Sagheer, Aisha Ahmad, Samina Aslam.
Frequency of excellent Laryngeal mask airway insertion conditions in children undergoing elective surgery: a comparison of propofol with ketofol..
Professional Med J Jan ;27(03):607-12.

Objectives: The laryngeal mask airway is used for provision of anesthesia for various surgical procedures as well as in emergency management of airway. It is a useful rescue tool in cases of failed intubation. Its insertion is associated with lesser complications. With advancement in medical equipment new versions of LMA with additional benefits are available. In this study evaluation of frequency of excellent LMA insertion conditions with use of ketofol or propofol as induction agent has to be evaluated. Purpose of the study is to identify which agent will provide favourable conditions for insertion, with least complications. Study Design: Randomized control trial. Setting: Departments of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Allied Hospital and Aziz Fatimah Hospital, Faisalabad. Period: From 01-01-2017 to 30-06-2018. Material & Methods: Approval from ethical review committee was obtained. 230 children presenting for elective surgery were enrolled into study using non-probability consecutive sampling. Two groups consisting of 115 each were generated by randomization. Group P received propofol and Group PK received 2:1 propofol ketamine mixture. Ease of LMA insertion was assessed on the basis of degree of muscle relaxation and adverse reactions to LMA insertion. Data was collected and analysed using SPSS version 18. Results: Results were presented in terms of frequency of excellent LMA insertion conditions. It showed that ketofol provides better LMA insertion as compared to propofol alone with p value of 0.007, which is significant. Conclusion: The study concluded that use of ketofol provides excellent insertion conditions for LMA insertion in children presenting for elective surgery.

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